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I am S.Arvind alias S.Venkateswaran, CEO of Suninside.com, a leading Web Host in Chennai, services that help people and businesses realize their full potential. It was in my mind for a long time to create a website about Sri. Raghavendra Swami to spread and share my experiences with other devotees. Time has come now to move forward and start working on it. I would like to dedicate this website to Guru Raghavendra. We had Raghavendra in our house and it took a long time for me to realize and experience his presence in our family. At this very moment I know how he has helped me in my life.

I must share with you that moment in his presence cannot be explained and that bring ultimate joy in you. I have many things to share and lot of people in the world has experienced lot of things. I always wanted to create a forum where we can come together and share our experiences.

Please join me to bring out this excellent website. I invite everyone to join us in this website and share your experiences.

Press Release about Arvind

deccan chronicle chennai, sunday, 26 november 2006 verification

Five years ago, s.venkateswaran, a school drop-out at the age of 15, started www.vetty.com as a hobby. now he works as a web designing consultant and offers his services through www.suninside.com which he runs fulltime, besides maintaining www.vetty.com for idle entertainment seekers. born in calcutta, venkateswaran has been in chennai ever since he was 12 year old. right from his school days there was no particular subject that was his favorite apart from wanting to work on his computer every walking moment. " my role model is bill gates whose goal was to make user-friendly software so that anyone and everyone would use a computer."

he feels that without his mother's support, nothing could have been possible. venkateswaran says that he spent 18 hours a days sitting at the computer learning and practicing new softwares. " the first software, i created when i was 15. it was for internet cafes to help them automatically record the time that an internet user logs on and off". presently he has about 130 clients, a few from other countries  as well.

the hindu, monday, july, 8,  2002 verification

sun inside solutions has launched www.vetty.com - a multi-purpose gate-way, suited to entertain people in their leisure time, covering various aspects like matrimonial, astrology, chatting, search engine etc.., to cite a few.

one man show steals the heart, catrim it times, feb 2002 verification

it is impossible for a mind to conceive a mad shakespeare. because the greatness of wit and sanity of true genius manifest the admirable balance of his dynamism.

mr.s.arvind, a youngster has build a b2c web portal of his own and single handedness is the best part of it. amongst it companies who claim to have more employees even for small site developments, a man with impeccable confidence has done it alone. mr.s.arvind claims that he has learnt computers of his own and it seems the real interest has taken him to gain such confidence. his level of self-reliance is high as he initializes to become another bill gates. he aim is to become another bill gates, just by calling him as "chennai bill gates". his collection of data is enormous for his age and experience. though his professional expertise has to be fine-tuned through extra experience, his performance is app, reliable.

he has covered inviting areas like astrology, personal chat, classifieds, computers, jobs, for vetty, city, fashion, jokes, tamil songs, mp3, hotlinks, matrimonial, featuring business profiles and so on. he has place the recent tamil songs lyrics as it is certainly needed these days because, we hardly understand the lyrics from the songs. his entry through this portal to the it industry shall certainly pave him the way of success.

business is in the name of " sun inside solutions ", mr.s.arvind renders his services in the development of multimedia and websites at a reasonable charges.

the site has an internal search engine and the e-mail module. he has termed this site for " the perfect place for vetties " with a meaning of infotainment for the people who visit the site during leisure.

efforts never die-hard and this young man will have a great future in the industry provided he is not diverted with any flashy business offer that could change the focus. it is worth visiting

sunday express, march 10, 2002 verification  

www.vetty.com: lots of time to spare and nothing to do?. well, vetty' in tamil means 'idle' and vetty.com aims to be the perfect pit stop for idlers. loaded with information and engaging activates, it caters exclusively to the needs of the youth. in addition to regular feature like astrology. classifieds, downloads, e-mail, jobs, matrimonial, fashion, chat, movies and mp3s the site has contest from movies buffs too. for example, ajit fans can win two tickets to his latest flick red merely by registering on their site. a comprehensive list of movie sites and popular song lyrics from tamil films are other features. for the rule-breaker, links like cheat shares codes you can use to emerge victorious in games like tomb raider4: the last revolution, star wars. episode 1- the phantom menace and mission impossible. also, customize your mobile ring by choosing a popular tamil number.

anantha vikadaan, unknown date, ( diwali issue ) 2003 verification

Article came regarding vetty.com jokes.

arattai arangam, 16/10/2004, ( mail )

thank you for your e mail and support to arattai arangam. while going through your e mail, four things came into my mind.
1) this youth's language and presentation are good.
2) at the age of 24, he thinks of his 48. very good
3) are his parents really supporting him, or, are they not in a position to say anything?
4) last, but not the least, if he is going to be successful tomorrow, people will say ' yes we knew it earlier'. if god thinks otherwise, even then the people will say 'yes we knew it earlier' so i prayed god to send a suitable person to you to tell you in a subtle way to do both, studies and computer.

with best wishes

chennaionline.com / aaraamthinai.com, 16/04/2005 verification


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