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Miracles of Raghavendra

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Another Miracle of Sri Guru Raghavendra Swamy

I would like to share another miracle happened in my life just recently. After clearing the first step (labor), I had applied for second (I-140) and third step (I-485) in the month of January 2004. Just because of Sri Guru Rayaru's grace, I got my green card approved by clearing second and third steps in just 10 months. Many of my friends are still in the final step from last 2 years. This is another example of Sri Guru Rayaru's mahime. if we have faith in Sri Guru Rayaru, Rayaru will help us always. OM SRI GURU RAGHAVENDRAYA NAMAHA!

Rayaru Guides in Every Step of a Person's Life

Hi everybody, Really it is nice to know about the way guru has helped u all and appreciate devotion shown towards him. Regarding my experience it is every day with swamigalu. Right from childhood when we were not so well finacially I used to pray him and from that time Raghavendra swamigalu has helped me in each and every stage. Even when I felt I am not doing right I will think of him and that used to lead me in the right track. After I started reading HariVayustuthi and Raghavendra sthotra my life has changed and by god's grace doing well. What I feel is believe in god and do the things and the path will automatically lead to good things. Regards, Jayathirtha

He give a job to me

I am great devotee of Lord Balaji and Guru Raghavendra Swamy. I am visit his mutt in T.Nagar, chennai weekly. I have gone one time to Mantralayam. When i got married . After return from mantralaym with swamy blessing i got child. Due to some problem i resigned the job. I have no job 1 to 2 months. I pray swamy pls help me to run my family. After 3 months i got good job in one concern. But it was temporary. I am sure that the job will be permanant by help of GURU RAGHAVENDRA SWAMY AND SRI LORD BALAJI. My pray is all people are \"SERVA JANA SUGINO BHAVANTHU\". I want to go Mantralayam when the finance will be arrange by swamy. If i got permanant i will add in this contant. Guru Raghavendra Swamy ki JAI. Thanks for reading , R. Sathyanarayanan

Rayaru Clenses a Devotees Eyes

Hello everyone, I want to share another of our Guru Rayaru's miracle which I experienced yesterday. I am a student at UCLA and was playing with my friends last night. Inbetween the game, my racquet hit my glasses and I wasn't wearing any eye protection. My glasses shattered and all the glass pieces went flying into my eye. I couldn't breathe realizing the mess that I was in. I just ran to the nearest sink, splashed my eyes continuosly with water and kept thinking of our Guru Rayaru. My eye was really red and I couldn't keep it open as I felt a pricking sensation all over. After about 15 minutes I was taken to the UCLA emergency room, and after a thorough examination the doctors were also surprised to find that I had no glass pieces in my eye and the pieces that had gone into my eye had just caused a few scratches which would heal in a couple of days. In fact I feel perfectly fine already as though nothing happened. I can only say with tears in my eye that Sri Guru Rayaru gifted me with another eye. Om Sri Raghavendraya Namaha.

Sayepresath, Saye (L.) - Swamy Helps Stranded People

I take this opportunity to thank my friend Viswa Priya Anand for including me into Swamy's web world. Our family is a strong believer of Ragavendra. I do abishagam with honey and milk daily to swamy's vigraham.In my childhood days i was not allowed to take salt, due to some problem in my renal system. But whenever I went to swamy's temple (here in triplicane or to mantralayam ), i don't restrict myself to a salt free diet. I take the normal prasadam that is offered in the temple premises. But , I was not affected when I took those prasadams. If i eat outside in some hotels or anywhere else ,immediately I would suffer. By GOD's grace I am fine now . Once when we were returning from mantralaya our bus got broke down. the local people inside the bus got into passing vehicles. our's was the only family inside the bus. My mother started to read Swamy's life history book. With in 10 mins, two people came from nowhere. They did something and said that the bus will go troble free till Bangalore. Even the bus driver and conductor were surprised by this incidence.

Anonymous, Rayaru's blessings!

We are writing this email from Malaysia. We are Sri Raagavendraa's devotees for the past three years and we also attend group prayers. The= reason why I am writing this letter is to share this very rare phenomenon and miracle perfomed by our GURURAJAH. Two years back when we become Sri Ragavendra's devout devotee, we held a pooja in our home with bhajans and prayers. We then placed a big Shri Ragavendrar's picture on a high wall and from then onwards we have been praying to him and chanting along with other deities. About 3 months ago we notice some small little drops of white ashes on the Sri Ragavendra's picture but then we did not take it seriously as we were thinking it might have caused by some insect may spider. Then we continued as usual to do our daily pooja which we normally do 2 times a day. About end of December we began to notice there we a few more drops of white ashes and it like grew bigger and bigger day by day. We really could not believe our eyes and we decided to really see what is the ashes like. So we took some and it look exactly like vibuthi and then we tasted it. And yes, its Vibuthi and a very strong vibuthi smell. We were lost for words and we really couldn't believe our eyes and the miracle. How very kind of Sri Raagavendrar swamigal to perform such a great miracle to a humble family. Then after knowing it we don't what to do. So we took some vibuti (Miritika) from his picture every and started to pray to him more. On the 25th Jan. 2004 a sunday morning about 9am I was praying and chanting his mantra and meditated for some time and then after the prayers I took some vibuti(miritika) that was on the picture and as I was applying it on my forehead I was a bit worried that the vibuti prasadam on his pictures is finishing as we are taking it now and then and I was asking gururajah to be kind to gives more of his vibuti prasatam. Then I came out from the pooja room and my sonwent in the pooja room after his bath and suddenly screamed and called out for me. I can't believe what I was seeing. His blessed again with more vibuthi(miritika) and this time it was a lot. I was in tears and said to Sri Raagavendrar swamigal that he is the kindest sage to grant his blessings so fast. Ever since until we are being blessed every now and then with his prasadam now mostly kumkumam from his sacred picture in our pooja room. Its a 'satyam' that Gururajah is there for = everyone who prays to him with pure heart and mind. ' 'Om Sree Ragavendraya Namaha'

Dheepa Balasubramaniam - Rayaru Chooses a Bride

Shri Raghavendra Swamy is really very powerful and he doesnt even expect anything from his devotees. There was a time in my life when I didnt even know who raghavendra swamy is. One day I saw shri raghavendra swamy's brindavanam in my dreams and I saw an old man in safron dress ( like a saint) Who looked just like shri raghavendra swamy performing poojas to the brindavana and gave me prashadam. Next day in the morning I woke up and I didnt quite understand what i dreamt about because I had never seen a brindavan before in my life. It was a thursday and my collegue told me that he fasts every thursday for shri raghavendra swamy, then i was curious and asked him about raghavendra swamy and insisted to go with him to the temple that day. I was taken aback when i saw the brindavana that I dreamt about in the temple. That day on I started praying to swamy and there have been lot of miracles happening with me. My marriage got fixed and on the night of my engagement, I had lot of questions in my mind as to whether this marriage is right for me and is he the right person for me. That night Raghavendra swamy came in my dreams and said he is the right person for you and you will be very happy with him. Its been 1 year of my marriage and my husband is the best man( next to my dad) I have known in this world. There have been various things in my life for which shri raghavendra swamy has help me. I am really great ful to him and I would like to tell all the devotees that when he wants to help you he will help you even if you dont ask him for any. Dheepa.

Manivannan - Rayaru Helps In Studies

Respected elders and Dear friends, I would like to share the experience I had with guru rayaru. I am a postgraduate (M.S) student studying in USA. I am a strong devotee of Sri Raghavendra Swamy. This incident happened couple of weeks back. I was doing my course work and regard to course completion I have to take up a research project. My professor gave me a challenging topic to work. When the task was given I was afraid because the topic was a new one and it seemed to be very tough to handle. But I took the topic with the belief that rayaru is with me and definitely I will be able to complete it successfully. The task was getting more complex day by day. Deadline to submit the project was very near and still I was not able to solve. That night I went to sleep after praying to Sri Raghavendrar swamy and said to him that I know you are with me and I will definitely solve this problem but swamy deadline is nearing and I am little bit worried. To my surprise in my dream I saw Sri Raghavendrar Swamy wearing red cl! oth. I immediately woke up saying "Om Sri Raghavendraya Namaha" and I was extremely happy seeing him in dream. TI felt that swamy came and said to me that I am with you go ahead and solve. Then the next morning I went fresh and took the problem again and I was able to fix a solution. I realized that I was able to solve only because of Sri Raghavendra Swamy. One more incident, in the entire course work right from the start I said to myself that swamy I have to get A grade and you have to be with me and help me out. I lost more marks in the exams and in order to get a A grade I could only afford to lose just only 1.00 more point in my research paper that means I have to get 99 in my research paper. It seemed to be an impossible task. But I had strong belief in swamy raghavendrar and just I kept saying I would get it with swamy grace. As said above I solved the research paper and I got 99.25 marks. I lost just 0.75 and I managed to get an A grade. Moreover, the professor appreciated ! me a lot for my work in the research paper and I felt more confident after this course. All the way through the course Swamy Sri Raghavendrar was with me and helped me to come out with great success. Thanks Manivannan.

Anonymous, RAyaru becomes heart-surgeon

Perhaps one of the most thrilling modern miracles performed by rAyaru is the incident involving Mallappa Shinde and his family. Mallappa Shinde was suffering from severe, life-threatening health problems. He was undergoing treatment in a leading hospital in Bombay, but the situation was becoming increasingly hopeless. He was advised by his family members to pray to rAyaru as a last resort. Such was his faith and pUrva puNya that his prayers were answered. One night, rAyaru appeared in his dream and performed surgery on his heart. The next day when doctors examined Shinde, they were astounded to see him out of danger and well on the road to recovery. Within a few days he was totally cured. After getting discharged from the hospital he went to mantrAlaya and performed seva with a lot of devotion and dedication. Once again, rAyaru appeared in his dream and directed him to get the brindavana mantapa and its surroundings renovated. Shinde was overjoyed at this chance to serve his beloved guru and immediately arranged for the renovation activities. A large portion of the modern structures that we see today in mantrAlaya were the result of this renovation effort. The Shinde family is really a blessed one since it has received the full benefit of rAyaru's munificence. Even to this day, members of this family recount with gratitude the many extra-ordinary events that have happened to them, thanks to rAyaru's benevolence.

Anonymous, RAyaru arranges for seat in college!

This devotee from Karnataka writes: My mother was a very great devotee of shrI rAyaru. I have witnessed several extraordinary events in our life, resulting from my mother's prayers. Here is one instance that I witnessed first hand. My brother got a seat in IIT Kanpur for his MTech, but my mother did not want him to go out of Karnataka. He had applied at a lot of places but nothing was visible on the horizon. He had made reservations and was all set to go; he was also making constant fun of my mother's insistence that something would turn up. Just 2 days before his departure, he got a letter from IISc, inviting him to join their MS programme! My mother's faith was vindicated!!


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