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Online Tour of Mantralayam


Mantralayam Railway Station

It is the place where the great Saint SRI RAGAVENDRA SWAMY'S brindavan (Samadhi) is present. Mantralayam is located 90 km from kurnool district and nearly 256 km from Hyderabad. It is connected by trains from most parts of the country and the railway station is named as "Mantralayam Road". The temple is 15 kms from the station. You can commute to the temple by hired jeeps and auto's present at the station.

Mantralayam Central Reception Office

Mantralayam has a "Central Reception Office" which can be contacted for booking of rooms and for getting updated information about the place. Their are other hotels and restaurants in the vicinity where you stay; but if you are looking for cheep rooms with good facilities then I suggest you to contact this office and they help you in booking of rooms.

Road towards temple

The Road which leads to the temple is awesome; the whole stretch is decorated with plants and trees on both sides. It gives you the atmosphere of “PRAYER”

It also has a small deer park on one side of the road near the temple.

Deer's in park

Raghavendra Statue in front of temple.

This is the main entrance to the temple.

Temple will be opened from 6 AM-8 AM, 9.30 AM - 11.30 AM, 12 PM - 2.30 PM, 4.30 PM - 7.30 PM, 9.30 PM - 10.30.

Temple's Main Prahara Gopuram

The dharshan is a sacred place; to seek the dharshan of “Raghavendra Swami” the gents should go bear body with minimal clothes.  No Shirts or banians are allowed. While you stand in the queue, announcement would be made about this rule and it needs to be followed religiously. If you are not following the rule then you would not be allowed inside swami’s premises.

Devotees standing in queue to see swami's Brindhavanam

Seva hall

They have nearly 10 different sevas performed to swamiji.  The costliest being the “Gold chariot seva" which costs Rs.5000 and cheapest will cost you around Rs.200. These sava tickets can be bought from any one of two seva counters, present outside & inside the temple. All devotees who have purchased the seva tickets should assemble in a big hall which seems to be newly build. Different sign boards are placed for each sevas and devotees are asked to sit accordingly. 

Temple elephant carrying swami's  idol

Manchalamma temple

On  right hand side of the temple Sri Manchalamma temple is present.

Annadhana mandapam

Devotees sitting for food inside annadhana mandapam

Thungabhadra river banks near the temple

Mantralayam (Manchala) is situated on the banks of the Thungabhadra in the extreme north of the thaluk.

Many shops are there in the surroundings of the temple selling swami photos, swami idols and more

Lord Shiva temple on the banks of Tungabhadra river

Small temple near the banks of Tungabhadra river

The Wooden chapel used by Raghavendra Swami

The Wooden chapel used by Raghavendra Swami is still being preserved by current generation families of his trusted shisyas. Now its been preserved by three families where each one will keep in their house for a year alternatively. Their houses are near the Perumal temple

Foot print of Lord Hanuman

"Gathai" a weapon used by Hanuman.

Last years Hanuman's pair of shoe.

Every year in this temple new pair of shoes will be offered to Hanuman. But at the end of the year, these shoes will get worn out as if it was used by Hanuman and people here believe the same.


What ever be the religion or it may be any God you worship, have faith in them.
Lets all visit this place and get the blessings of Shri Raghavendra Swami.

"Poojyaya Sri Raghavendraya
Sathya Dharma Radhayacha
Bhajatham Kalpavrukshaya Namatham
Sri Kamadhenuvae"

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